Local Charity Spotlight – Chesterwye Center

It was our absolute privilege to visit Chesterwye Center​ located in Grasonville, MD this past Wednesday. Our most recent employee of the month had chosen to contribute $500 to this organization because it’s near and dear to her heart! Her family has been long term supporters of Chesterwye Center, contributing time, resources and finances and Rachel has helped volunteer at their center and events throughout the years. The mission of Chesterwye Center is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental disabilities towards personal independence and choice. The program offers a wide range of services that will assist individuals to develop their abilities, support their life choices, and become a valued member of their community.

When we arrived to Chesterwye Center we were happily greeted by some of the members who were preparing to depart for the day. One of the members and a resident of the Chesterwye living facilities volunteered to give us a tour. Terry gave us the most wonderful tour and did not leave anything out. She was so proud to show us around and she took ownership over the different rooms and activities that they do on a daily basis. We ended our tour with a great big hug and her saying to us “See you again later!”.

After the tour, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with two of the directors of the facility. Lois and Debra were transparent in their upcoming projects including a brand new living facility to help accommodate 4 individuals who need housing that can support those who are in wheelchairs. Their 10th living facility will be completed before they know it and raising funds for these establishments and other activities and events doesn’t come without great support from the state, county and their staff and volunteers. We were so honored to help them and contribute these funds, which they said they would be utilizing in their technology lab for the members.

Thank you to the staff and members of Chesterwye Center for welcoming us with open arms and allowing us to give back to our community! We look forward to working with you in the future and can’t wait to see all of the exciting things you have coming up!

Head on over to their Facebook page! Donations and volunteers are always encouraged for program operations, events and their facilities.